A personal investment in the possibility of water.



“A real ‘no-brainer’ for any washing or landscape service.”

AutoWater can spray up to 80 feet or attached to a pressure washer can take on any job without the use of a generator! Technologically succinct and intuitively designed this factory quality system utilizes a top-of-the-line flow actuated jet pump and a recycled 55 gallon food-grade water tank. Simply plug AutoWater’s familiar 12v plug into your vehicle and enjoy water pressure at your fingertips. The system is so efficient that your engine doesn’t even need to be running. In fact we regularly spray full tanks completely empty with no change to the battery.

It is both an environmentally and economically conscious commodity whose simplicity and dexterity you will soon wonder how you did without. Like everyone says to us once they see how easy it is to use youll be saying "THAT'S IT?" 

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  • Mobile Automobile Washing
  • Mobile Irrigation
  • Disaster Relief Situations
  • Land Management


How simple it is:

How cute it is: