Water Tanks and Pumps



Endless supply of safe water is a responsibility to ourselves. 

“When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.” - Benjamin Franklin


WHY YOU NEED TO BE IN CONTROL OF WATER- DO it for yourself- get tanks and practice and learn to conserve- 


In a disaster for our own safety the water is to be shut off. During this time there will be an abundance of water but without a tank you will you be relying on the the welfare of the government. Having water accessible is foremost and then with the pump you can use it for washing, cleaning, and if you want to add filters you can drink the water. After years of living off the land and designing many water tank and pump systems we bring the simplest version of a water tank and pump for you, your family, your families health, you water security, and the stability of your home. 

OUr products for water conservation and safety